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Use Notion widgets to enhance user experience with enriched and unusual designs! NotionPlus is detailed and advanced!

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🤔 Who is NotionPlus for?

NotionPlus is a platform that is not primarily targeted at Notion users. On the contrary, it is specially designed for people who create templates in Notion—our target audience goal is to provide solutions for the needs of Notion professionals.

Notion Template Creators

Image Carousel Widget

You can create an image carousel with different themes.

Quotes Widget

You can make your own quotes with the text widget.

Countdown Widget

You can countdown with text widget.

Digital Clock Widget

You can make your own digital clock with different designs in all kinds of fonts.

Clickable Image Widget

You can make the images clickable by adding links to them.

Button Widget

You can design vertical and horizontal type buttons.

Text Widget

Have many features such as big texts, angles, 1500 fonts, etc.

NotionPlus is an innovative widget tool that makes docs richer. Enhance user experience with advanced widgets and tons of powerful features for free.

Notion Quotes Widget
Notion Marquee Widget
Notion Countdown Widget
Notion Carousel Widget
Notion Clickable Image Widget
Notion Digital Clock Widget
Notion Text Widget
Notion Button Widget
Notion Divider Widget
Notion Announcement Widget
Notion Testimonial Widget
Notion Change Log Widget
Notion Icon Widget
Notion Date Widget
1500 Different Font
All Colors
More Big Texts
Notion Banner
Notion Analytics

NotionPlus is a tool like Lego, Play-Doh, Minecraft, or Photoshop. If you are creative enough, you can do anything!

- Ugur KILCI
Founder of NotionPlus

Are you tired of the same old Notion experience and craving a boost in productivity? Look no further! With NotionPlus, we bring you a plethora of dynamic widgets to enhance your workspace. Whether you're an organization enthusiast or a time management guru, have a different experience by adding an image carousel.

What if it's the same for others who think like you? This could be an opportunity, and they could pay for it. Maybe you've known this for a long time, and you've been producing Notion templates. Now it's time to step it up a gear.

In the same way, add an image widget with NotionPlus (N+ for short). You can link to these images. This opens the door to many different button designs.

But that's not all – at NotionPlus, we understand the importance of efficient time management. Explore our range of time widgets for Notion, including timers and clocks, to keep your schedule on track. Spice up your workspace with our aesthetic widgets for Notion, bringing style to your daily tasks. Embrace the functionality of free Notion widgets that won't break the bank while offering seamless integration into your Notion setup.

NotionPlus will constantly evolve. Be the first harbingers of future features. In the future, you will get "calendar for Notion widget", "weather widget for Notion", "calculator widget Notion", "astrology widget Notion", "Notion chart widgets" and many more.

Right now you can experience NotionPlus for free. But the best experience is with the paid versions. If you are producing Notion templates, this is a platform you can never say no to.

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